Life Update – because I’m Really Bad at This….


So I began this journey a while back and have been slacking since I’ve started, but let’s give it another go. It’s a new decade, and I am on a new path that I did not think I would be on.

Since I created this website, a lot has happened. I won’t go into details for now, but let’s go year by year. 🙂


  • I began my second semester of my associates
  • I attended the UNICEF USA Conference on the 20 year anniversary of coming to America ans served as State Leader on Advocacy Day
  • Worked as an assistant manager at Windsor
  • Got a job working as a student life officer in the student activities office at school
  • Become a Democracy Fellow for the Campus Vote Project
  • I began working on myself and putting my mental health first


  • I attended the UNICEF USA Conference and served as State leader on Advocacy Day
  • I graduated on Dean’s List with my associates in paralegal studies
  • Served as a Student Intern at the NASPA CLDE conference (Student Affair Administrators in Higher Education: Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement
  • served as a Campus Vote Project as a Student Advisory Board Member
  • Got a job at an immigration law firm – stepping on up in the world!
  • Decided to apply to law school – and BEGAN ATTENDING WMU COOLEY


  • I am in the second term of law school

who knows what else is to come, but here’s to the journey that will reveal itself when the time comes.

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